Our passion is the use of creativity to achieve concrete change to the benefit of our clients. We get involved only when the accomplishment of objectives creates true added value. It is better to be ‘strategically idle’ than to throw money down the drain.

The No. 1 campaigning provider in Switzerland. Since 1997.

In developing effective, interdisciplinary solutions, we always seek to identify the decisive leverage and strive for measurable change. We are not bound to ideas and tools, but we are firmly rooted in our craft and can draw on more than 25 years of experience.

business campaigning GmbH develops strategies and concepts using the business campaigning® model.

The model combines the successful methods of NGO campaigns with modern management principles, and is continuously developed and enhanced by Peter Metzinger. The owner of business campaigning GmbH has been working in campaigning since 1982, including a 13-year stint with an international NGO, and has worked as a consultant to companies, associations, state agencies and NGOs since 1998.

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